I so glad you people have set up this action. It’s about time the over-taxed citizens of Wayne stand up to the governing bodies in this town.

In my opinion, the re-zoning they have planned will only contribute to the population thus over burdening the school system which of course is now 70% of the tax base. Not to mention the overcrowding of our streets and roads and leave forever eyesore surrounding this town.

Why haven’t our politicians lobbied new business or enticed current businesses to stay here? For 10 years the State Farm building was empty and many of the commercial offices on Valley Rd extension where empty. Anyone trying to open a new business here in town are hassled by the inspectors and it takes weeks to open even a small storefront.
The pancake house had that fire probably 8 or 10 years ago. Why did a damaged building stay in that location without anyone from the town doing something about it or encouraging a new business to take over? Why does the town have to get involved to plan, or re-zone a Mall that has an owner? The town should be on his back to do something with his investment. Maybe lower the sales tax for the area or give the owner a break on land use tax so that he could offer lower rent to potential businesses that could rent from him.
Town officials want to fast tract this new plan, but what they ought to be offering is a fast track to new businesses to get up and operating!

Why try to create a new downtown center when we already have one? The storefronts in Mountainview section are just about empty. That area would be great for a small store area. The town should redo the sidewalks, add some nice lighting and encourage a developer to build adjacent store structures/buildings extending down to the paint store and old Chrysler building. I know that area floods, but there has got to be a solution to the flooding. Cut through the red tape and end this flooding issue forever! It’s about time don’t you think?

If this town is truly worried (add it ought to be) about it’s tax burden then we need to take a long look at the high and mighty, seemingly untouchable, school system. That’s 70% of our taxes! I used to work for the school board and I saw the waste. While the typical worker on payroll is doing all they can, the management is nowhere to be found when there is a crisis. Management seems to be happy to collect a check while mostly handing off problems to the underlings while they do little themselves. But, they will take all the credit when it comes to securing another contract year for themselves, with a bonus or at least a nice raise in pay.
Wake up Wayne! It’s your tax dollar that is supporting the seemingly endless pay raises and bonuses!

I’m making plans to get out of town because I know I’m not going to afford to live here much longer on my fixed income.
Will the last person to leave please turn off the lights…or the heck with it, let the taxpayers foot the bill!